Dynomax 1500BR model is a compact  1 axle chassis dyno to measure FWD or RWD cars power.

It’s equipped with brake, although the unbeatable price allows this model to be used even in low budget situation for chip tuning, car repair, racing and other workshops.

All Dynomax dyno models may be installed either under the floor, or above it.

Dynomax 1500BR technical specifications:

Type: Braked chassis dyno
Dimensions (LxW): 1200x3620 mm
Wheelbase min/ max: 2200/900 mm
Roller diameter: 325 mm
Min wheel diameter: 400 mm
Max weight on axle: 3000 kg
Axles: x2
Modes of operation: inertial
                    V constant
Pmax, inertial: 600 hp
Pmax, constant speed: 1200 hp
Pmax, road conditions: 1200 hp
Pmax, dynamic mode: 1200 hp
Accuracy, inertial mode: 0.1 %
Accuracy, loaded mode: 2 %
Voltage requirements: 110/220 V
Air pressure required: 6 bar
Extras: wide band lambda
        weather station
        WiFi OBD reader
Installation type: above the ground
                   under the ground

Dynomax 1500 in action:

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