DYNOMAX dynamometers. Designed for every budget, every workshop.

DYNOMAX dynamometers. Designed for every budget, every workshop.

We produce professional and reliable chassis dynamometers, making them affordable to any customer. As a result, today we offer best price/quality balance for Dyno rolling roads available on the Worldwide market.

What makes our chassis dynamometers different? It has a heavy-duty chassis, advanced mechanical parts & electronics, simplicity in construction. However, very fair prices, comparing to many other manufacturers.

Unique balancing and cutting technology used to produce rollers. Therefore, they have excellent inertial mass and traction for accurate engine power measurements.

DYNOMAX has been established in 2006 as professional drag racing team in Estonia. However, our dynamometers were announced for the public audience only in 2015. Therefore we get constantly growing interest in our production. We ship to all countries and continents.

DYNOMAX team has developed a high level of accuracy.  As a result, it’s possible to measure 4WD and 2WD cars with up to 1200 horse power (hp) accurately.

In conclusion, we offer a budget dyno for small chip tuning / racing garage, or fully equipped 4WD machine for every day work. Dynomax is ready to fulfill your needs.

Easily adaptable for motorbikes testing, because construction allows this.

We also produce special models for truck power measurement.

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